everything is energy

your thought begins it, your emotions amplify it and your actions increase its momentum 


Triggers are way points which guide us to what requires work within ourselves. People, situations, mindsets, behaviours are all different aspects that we get triggered through. The most common reaction or approach is to avoid triggers. But avoidance only creates more layers to be peeled. 


Making self a priority, starts with commitment towards ones healing. The greater your commitment towards healing to know the true U; the more you can expect to be triggered. To heal we must first feel the very things we running from. Acknowledge them, sit with them & through them. The darkness within us is the very passage through which one emerges into the light. Both lie within & both have to be embraced. 


If you really feel called to know who u truly are, then allow your triggers to surface & lead the way in. It’s only through self love, compassion, acceptance & grace that these very triggers will eventually reveal who u truly meant to BE. 

This post is by no means is to add to ur chaos. But with a hope to simplify it. It doesn’t have to do with any one emotion or instance. Just take it without the why’s & absorb it.

Happiness is a state of BEing.
it’s a moment to moment bliss. 
Happiness which comes through the mind is always associated with something external & has all the rationals of if’s & but’s of conditioning. Nothing wrong with that as it’s still happiness and one should enjoy it fully till it lasts as anything that’s external is always temporary.
Happiness that’s felt in the heart within without any reason without any external factor is the happiness that emerges from ones soul. It doesn’t relate to the if’s & but’s of conditioning, fears, rational, logic. It just is. 
When u ask urself what truly is ur happiness. Close ur eyes and first ask ur mind. listen to the answer that comes through. Then ask ur heart & feel the feeling. 
Emotions r energy in motion. Everything that’s in motion is in a state of constant change. If ur happiness changes with motions of if’s & but’s then it’s temporary & conditional. When happiness is a fire lit within and doesn’t need to be stoked from anything or anyone on the outside that’s divine bliss, true love. 💫😊

Quantum physics has proved that everything is energy. The Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos. It is the bond, which keeps the whole cosmos in order. Cosmic Energy is the “Life Force…Prana” the base for all our actions and functions.


Everything in the Universe is just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary “particle”, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations. The human body consists of energy vibrating at specific frequencies. This vibrational energy produces a magnetic field around the body. All our bodily processes such as respiration, digestion, nervous and circulatory etc comprise of a series of electrochemical reactions. These magnetic and electrical energy fields interact to form what is now known as “The Bio-Energetic Field or the Aura”. An individual’s bio energy field varies in accordance to one’s ability to respond to ongoing internal, external and constantly changing circumstances. This in-turn has profound implications for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; wellbeing.


Inside the human body are points of energy concentration called Chakras or energy Vortexes where energy from universe and our body meet and is then distributed through channels which form the meridian system. Imbalance in these core spinning discs; chakras in our system will affect the bio energy field and manifest as physical diseases and illnesses like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart issues etc. or psychological and mental disturbances like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, sleeplessness etc.


The moment one starts working and healing their bio energy, bringing the chakras into balance by activating and healing them; one definitely experiences these 3 things –

  • a rise in vitality — more energy for better healing
  • increased synchronocities — manifestations happen in a faster timeline from a thought in one’s head to reality
  • greater magnetism — one is in complete alignment with the law of attraction

Spiritual flow is the key to healing. The more you allow yourself to be open & receptive to who u truly are; the more healing you will experience.


There are various healing modalities. Most of them work together & individually as well.

Whilst we are in social distancing mode & time seems to have actually slowed down it’s pace.. which the very few who know me would affirm suits me just fine; I miss being out & about at will. The forced pause has given me a chance to review alot of things from a very different perspective. A water sign that of death & rebirth, I love exploring my emotions to the core; the dark as well as light aspects. Observing these emotions within especially the triggers, help me sit with myself, understand, learn, accept, acknowledge and heal those parts within me that requires attention to move forward. 
Last evening as I sat with myself under the twilight by the window, witnessing the clear black night take over amidst the chirping of the birds & a few sparkling diamonds; I closed my eyes to experience this moment fully. And in that very instant out of nowhere there was a vision. I saw myself lying in a hospital bed typing fervently my last thoughts on Evernote to put out there. And the most poignant thing that I remember in that whole thing was me writing… I wish I had taken more risks… Gone on more adventures. Got out more sooner of my comfort zone to explore and experience what is actually out there and where it takes me. I distinctly remember telling the docs I don’t want to see anyone except for my son and making him promise to live his life, his dreams on his own terms & be love. I didnt feel sad or scared but just a sense of emptiness.. maybe I should have done things differently. Maybe I should have actually lived. 
The purpose of sharing this is simple. We all have our journey. Most of the time we forget about ourselves and survive a life others expect of us mostly in fear. We don’t realise that our time in this physical body is limited. Our breaths are numbered. Ultimately death is the only certainty. With this global pause maybe it’s time we re-evaluate our life’s. Look at what really makes us happy. What inspires or motivates us. What lights us up each day to be who we truly are. Beautiful ones it’s my appeal to all of you to take this break to really go within and connect with your soul. Explore your gifts to share with the world. Reignite the light you are and illuminate the path for those around by being love, joy & hope. To conclude, everything is energy. And as conscious beings we co-create our own reality, our world with our thoughts. So let’s be mindful and create a New Earth that which radiates with love, peace & everything as one. Lets begin anew…

How much do you know yourself? Besides your likes and dislikes; what are your deepest fears, desires. Are you aware of the internal self-talk, thoughts, behaviour patterns, what triggers you, how you react or respond, how does outside energy effect you, what kind of relationships do you attract, what is your idea of abundance, what gifts do you have to share, what’s your purpose in life, why you here, what is your super power etc.


Getting to know oneself is a lifelong process. A journey that begins with one word.. Curiosity.It is the most fulfilling relationship one can have. Because if you can’t be with yourself, how do you expect others to be with you. An adventure into the unknown; a calling..to discover aspects and gifts deep within, you weren’t even aware of. 


I began this journey of self-discovery more than a decade ago. Through this period of time, I went through many challenges, turmoil’s, difficulties be it physical, mental and emotional.


There were many moments when I just gave up. But it was in those experiences of rock bottom that something beautiful deep within me always revealed itself and gave me the strength to keep going on. Gradually, a deep sense of acceptance and surrender is what I started feeling within. This glimpse of bliss was like an addiction that pushed me deep into knowing more about myself. The more hidden parts within that I uncovered, a new me kept emerging and the lighter I felt. Healing imprints of my past that were no longer required. Some that belonged to me, some that I had taken on from others unknowingly by giving my power away and some that came to me inherently from the ancestral lineage; un-conditioning the mind from what was to what is and truly tuning into my intuitions to live from my heart space… the journey so far has been truly enriching. An opportunity in every obstacle. Today when I look back and see how far I have walked, I always remind myself to take a moment to appreciate and express gratitude to myself for following the call of adventure, all the people I met on the way who helped and supported me in various ways and to the universe for choosing me to experience and live it.


Just like I rediscovered wholeness within myself through guidance and support from the universe and mentors who have walked the path before me at various stages of my journey, I would like to share it forward with you if you feel called.


Dancing lamaleads you on your adventure of metamorphosis; holding space for you whilst you experience your own journey, sharing teachings and techniques, spiritual guidance, healing sessions and workshops and guiding you so you too may find your passion, balance, inner harmony and true self and share it with others.

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