hi i am abhidnya

Born am I to experience

The vicissitudes of life in surprise confluence.

Dancing my way with tentative steps,

Began my journey in earnest prep.

Exploring happenings on the path

Seeking transformation for a decade I hath

Searching, striving to find my self

Answers do I find in life’s bookshelf.

The universe opened its doors ajar

Guidance poured forth from realms afar.

Teachers, mentors breathed a purpose

Which shook my mind’s intuitive corpus.

Empath, clairsentient, clairaudient am I,

Walking the path in humble bide.

Nourishing, healing wounds of the past,

sharing, guiding all who come, downcast.

The movement to discover who we are,

Is embedded in everyone thus so far.

To re-establish connect with their self true

Is my intention in its varied hue.

Holding hands in sacred space,

Funnelling thoughts of past disgrace

Leading, learning from blessed insights

I sit with anyone seeking wisdom bright.

Language of the soul few are privy,

Deep listening, empathy all come handy

To share the mystery of unravelling

One’s life potential is my calling.


love, light & blessings

Transformation Coach, Energy Healing facilitator & Spiritual Mentor

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