everything is energy

your thought begins it, your emotions amplify it and your actions increase its momentum 


metamorphosis-the inner quest

To awaken to one’s true self, infinite potential and to live fully to one’s highest purpose, it’s important to do the self-work required to raise consciousness by becoming aware of one’s thoughts and feelings. Manifestation of intentions happens in wholeness.

The human journey helps us to experience myriad emotions which helps the soul evolve. The whole gamut of human emotions revolves around –

  • our intrapersonal relationships
  • self-talk
  • communicative abilities
  • how we manage stress
  • our conditioned minds
  • our ability to react versus respond
  • & most importantly how open & willing are we to heal ourselves.


Metamorphosis -the inner quest is a program that empowers, enriches & embodies the true spirit of walking the warrior path. The no-gap cycle. It’s a path that leads within & fully opens one to align self to the universal energy; prana & become the rainbow bridge between heaven & earth. A complete acceptance & surrender to the divine.


As we go through cycles of lifetimes, we accumulate & carry baggage of emotions, behaviour patterns, mindset conditioning, ancestral trauma, inner child issues & energy imprints of our past in the now. This baggage creates unwanted energy blocks holding us back from living our fullest potential & a healthy joyful life.


Conscious Inner self work helps in releasing, clearing & healing these stagnated energies of old limiting and negative beliefs. We dive deeper into our wounds, our blocks and into our deep fears in order to heal and open to the love we are internally and allowing it to reflect externally. We reclaim our courage and empower ourselves to live from the heart space.

24 sessions

During these 24 sessions we will work on –

  • Self-love & reclaiming our power
  • Honouring our body
  • Putting up healthy boundaries
  • Accepting & embracing our shadow self
  • Speaking our truth
  • Taking complete responsibility of self & our actions
  • Raising your vibrations & being mindful
  • Moving beyond society conditioning of the mind
  • Balancing feminine & masculine energies within
  • Activating & balancing the chakras
  • Healing inner child issues
  • Cutting energy cords
  • Acknowledging & letting go of deep emotional feelings of hurt, trauma, pain, guilt, shame etc.
  • Release, clear ancestral trauma patterns & energy imprints from past lifetime
  • Reinvigorating the out of tune cells in the body to revibrate in resonance creating harmony & balance in the physical, mental & emotional body.
  • Activating the natural innate healing mechanism of the body with sound & mantras
  • And much more…

All of this will be integrated, practiced & supported in sacred space through

  • different techniques & activities of mindfulness
  • active & passive meditations
  • guided meditations
  • chakra activation & balance
  • mantras to work with specific chakras
  • affirmations, colours & visualization techniques for each chakras
  • guided shamanic journeys
  • intention setting
  • breathwork
  • shadow work
  • inner child healing
  • & lots of sharing

As we are changing with every breath, the program doesn’t follow a fixed structure. We stay open & allow the universe to guide us with the experience. These 3 months, I will hold sacred space for you & lead you on your journeys where the experience will be yours. I will share everything I have learnt, experienced from my journey till now with gratitude & love. Your unfolding is in your hands. My responsibility is to guide you. To practice it, is yours.


The online/personal sessions include –


  • sound healing sessions with focus on chakras
  • sound healing baths with intuitive reiki
  • active/passive meditation sessions
  • guided meditations
  • Sessions on breathwork, shadow work, inner child healing, journaling will be scheduled as we go through the journey
  • Spiritual guidance & counselling on call/zoom


I look forward to sitting with you in sacred circle and journeying with you on this powerful path to knowing & embracing who you are… LOVE.

wheels of life (cleanse I activate I balance)

The 7 chakras are the architecture of the soul. It’s a connection between heaven & earth that runs through our centre. An energetic map that describes the full spectrum of human experience. When one works with these energies to liberate & put in balance all the 7 aspects of human experience, it’s a recipe for wholeness. A holistic paradigm of healing & manifestation wherein our energy connects the interface of mind & body.

14 sessions

Activate, align & balance these 7 spinning energy wheels/vortexes to

  • raise your vibrations
  • release, clear ancestral trauma patterns & energy imprints from past lifetime
  • balance the feminine & masculine energy
  • direct manifestation & chakra current flow
  • experience physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. 

The 14 session program is divided into two sessions of 60 min each, per week between Mon-Fri.

The sessions facilitated in sacred space include

  • Understanding each chakra
  • guided meditation on one specific chakra
  • sacred sound healing for that chakra
  • breathwork
  • full sacred sound bath.


One counselling stand-alone session “Samvaad” is mandatory before the Chakra healing program.

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