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Step beyond comfort, embrace the unknown

courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves to be seen
- Brene Brown

work with me to feel

inspired, empowered, healed and awakened!

to unlock your full potential, to become the best version of yourself, to reclaim your power and step into your truth

Transform and Empower

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Embody your highest potential by diving deeper through reflections, learnings, insights, healing and channelled guidance, to unveil your true essence.

Receive powerful insights, clarity and soul guidance that will help see through repeating patterns, obstacles, challenges in your journey to transform them into opportunities.

Live your full potential through energetic alignment, harnessing and channelling the universal life force, that flows through all living things. 

Accelerate your team performance by allowing them to experience a holistic approach to life, to elevate, expand and feel empowered in their own journey.

why bother about the INNER JOURNEY

the heart is where it all begins..there are no coincidences in life. everything is happening for a simple reason…to guide you back home, to your true self.

would you like to shift into the best version of you ?

triggers redirect us to our inner compass, questioning our existence in different ways, at various crossroads in life. This leads to opening of doors of transformation & a new way of BEing.

hey I'M Abhidnya,

spiritual mentor, transformation guide, oracle and energy alchemist

my intention, and purpose solely is to INSPIRE, LEAD & EMPOWER you to raise your vibrations and expand your consciousness, to shift into a new way of BEing. to feel more, than to think.

U r a mystery to unfold.

I guide you on your INNER JOURNEY

The journey


What do they say

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Honestly, before I came to you, I didn’t know how to handle my emotions well. It was the time I realized what I felt as a kid. In the ending of the journey, I felt free. I could be more myself than I ever was. Thank you for all of that. And it was fun listening to your stories from your experiences and our conversations.
Dulari Jain
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A journey with Abhidnya takes you through the path of self-discovery.. the best part is, you can relate with her. She helps you to accept, heal & love yourself.
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I have attended New moon meditation sessions with Abhidnya. Her sessions are full of energy & positive vibes. I love attending her meditation sessions, as she helps me to clear my thoughts, keep my mind focused & body energized. Abhidnya is very positive & warm in her approach. She has immense patience to hear you out & gives viable solutions to your problems as well. I will highly recommend everyone to attend her sessions.
Manish Chandy
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It’s been almost 5 years of me knowing Abhidnya and trust me in these 5 years she has helped me transform in many ways.. especially in confidence building. I had a habit of bottling up things inside me but through her talks & meditation, she helped me get rid of that habit. Now I speak with full conviction & say the thing as it is. She’s very warm and friendly in her approach to anything you have to share with her and that’s what I feel makes her special.

I am very thankful to Abhidnya for being a part of this journey & I wish her good luck in everything she plans to do.. stay blessed & happy forever.

Like she says love & light forever.
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To discover & understand subtle realms other than the obvious is a gift few are given. I was lucky enough to come across one such sensitive person, Abhidnya. You carry with verve, aplomb and generosity, the true spirit of wanting to not just find out who you are but also breathe a passion to take everyone along with you in your journey of self-discovery. You very quietly but surely allow us to explore the workings of the subterranean regions of the mind and body with sacred sound baths.. taking us to access our own deep levels of ease, comfort and furthermore, stillness. You have a beautiful gift of healing which comes naturally to you. Wishing you the best in discovering, blossoming and healing the potential in each and everyone who comes in the orbit of your sacred space.

I must add though, that my favourite in the scared space with you was your lilting Soul Song.
May that longing soulful tune energise others hearts too.
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‘Metamorphosis – the inner quest’, is a life changing course. Abhidnya leads it with honesty, insight & integrity. Learning techniques to be more in the present has given me greater inner strength and peace of mind and the possibility of belief in myself & hope for the future. For me it feels as if it is the start of a journey.

At a time when I was feeling low, she was always around to listen & guide me to find my own solutions by sharing her own journey & probing me deeper to unwarp the tiny boxes within myself. This really helped me in feeling empowered & positive from within.

The 1-1 sessions opened me up to numerous tools & techniques that helped me balance my emotions much better. I appreciate being able to speak openly & honestly and discuss my issues which have been causing me stress and anxiety. Abhidnya is really easy to talk to and I will continue to make time to meditate as I feel that this has made me a lot calmer and helped me with all kind of pressures.
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I got a reading done with Abhidnya. I had one specific question which got answered & explained beautifully. I got the solutions to achieve my goals which I have already strated to work on. So in future if I get stuck with something & require guidance, I know where to go.
Vidula J.
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Abhidnya exudes a positive, loving and warm personality. Her meditation & chakra healing sessions are very calming & focused. She guides with her techniques, shares her learnings & takes you on a journey into the unknown.
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Full moon reading by Abhidnya. I have always been drawn towards knowing more about soul healing and things related to it. Everytime I would see her post something i would always tell her I am doing it some day and that someday came quite sooner than assumed. Got a full moon reading from her - The reading done by her is so insightful and apt. The details of the reading are not just what anyone would give. It gives you the clarity of the question asked in detail. The prompts given are so accurate and the solution what to do next is also quite clear. Anyone who would want to know more about self and wants to dwell deeper into the self -healing journey should contact Abhidnya
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In Abhidnya, I found a true heart, which symbolizes genuine love and care for one’s in need.
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Meditation sessions with Abhidnya are a glimpse into experiencing what nirvana feels like. She can literally transport you to a place of wilderness. Her energy is infectious and if you are having any emotional conflicts, at the end of it, you will be at peace. Her readings are very much accurate and she is a genuine seer, who works with perfection. I feel blessed to be a part of her journey and I hope she touches lives of millions of people. God Speed.
Santosh Joshi
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Abhidnya has exhibited true grit and determination, whilst going through her own challenging journey. Very few people have the courage and patience to face what she has walked and sat through with grace. She’s a wonderful healer, compassionate being and above all a fabulous person. My best wishes for her journey onwards and upwards.
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Meditation program with Abhidnya helped me learn how to balance my emotions and look at life with more clarity. She helped me open up to practicing the gift of self-love and the art of letting go through mindfulness practices. Thank you Abhidnya for guiding me on my journey to rediscover myself.
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a message from me

I cannot describe what it’s like working with me, because I have no set philosophy, plan, modality or modules. I work directly with source, as a channel, allowing whatever that’s required in the moment to flow to me and through me, to inspire, guide, empower, and lead you towards your soul’s highest path.

Because I come with no preconceived ideas, judgement, projection or opinion on your journey; I can see the truth of your soul beyond your limited beliefs and accumulated imprints. Walking the path till now, I have had a fair amount of roller coaster experiences which bought in loads of learning, unlearning and wisdom.

But my greatest gift is my unconditional love, the knowing that anything is possible and each one is capable of BEcoming, their best version. My prayer for you is that you remember, reconnect and embody your true self and live a life of wholeness.

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