Education in Germany

Key points for Education in Germany:

  • Education in Germany is well recognized all over the world.
  • Friendly visa process and pro-India policies in EU.
  • State of the art education facilities and exposure to the world leading technologies.
  • Most courses have no tuition fees. The entire budget can be much affordable compared to US/UK/Canada- (Ranging from 8 to 12k Euro) including living expenses.
  • Possibility to get scholarships on merit or to find an internship/student job etc. during your studies.
  • Very friendly European culture towards foreign-students!
  • Demand for skilled personal in Europe (Graduates and post graduates in the EU market)
  • Possible job opportunities within Germany and throughout EU.
  • After PG or UG in Germany, it’s possible to get good opportunities in India as many German companies have their presence in India.

About Us

Hello friends,
‘Abhidnya’ is an initiative to provide the advice and personal mentoring for the aspiring students who want to pursue their graduation or post graduation studies abroad.The name ‘Abhidnya’ has various meanings and implications, out of which the one that appealed to me the most was ‘the godly awareness’!

I think the best gift that one can give or receive is the clarity and knowledge! Through professional counseling and mentoring activity, I intend to do the same. Usually the students after finishing their basics have tremendous energy and ambitions. But often because of less exposure to the world, many often miss out on the big opportunities out there, and do not exploiting their talents and potential. At the crucial point of career, small information and choices prove to be game changers for the future.

A few words about myself..
After finishing Bachelors in ‘Mechanical Engineering’ from University of Pune, I gained some professional experience in India in the same field. Later I started planning my post graduation and selected Germany as my destination. Fortunately enough I received an admission in one of the renowned universities in Germany (University of Duisburg-Essen) for M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Energy and Environmental technology. During this course, I also got a technical job with one of the elite companies in Germany, which indeed expanded my horizons!

While going through the phase of exploring options for further education, I always felt the need for a dependable and non-biased advice. There were many conventional options like USA/CANADA/UK/ AUSTRAILI etc., available to chose from and each one presenting it’s own set of challenges and opportunities, the decision was tough.

There were many number of suggestions from various sources around me, which made it difficult to come to a conclusion. Fortunately for me, I eventually learnt about an out of the box option-‘post graduation in Germany’ and how it could be advantageous.

At that time, the option which I chose and a decision which later proved to be a turning point of carrer. This was the point of inception where I decided to use my experiences to help future students make their process simpler by imparting the clarity to them and providing my unbiased advice.

Abhishek Joshi
M.Sc.(Mechanical Engineer)

  • Testimony by first student Rajesh Shinde
  • Please see video on educatiion in Germany
Our Solutions

General requisites for applying in Germany

  • Admissions for courses (masters/bachelors) depending on the merit of previous education.
  • Language competency exam scores – IELTS/ TOEFL for English.
  • German language skills are not mandatory for many courses, but may require certification depending on the course contents.
  • Motivation letter/ statement of purpose for applying for respective course.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Transcript and degree certificates of your latest education level.

What I can help you with..

  • Course and universities short listing.
  • Personal mentoring for the whole application process and guidance till you reach here in Germany.
  • Guidance for preparing the documents- SOP, LOR, CV etc.
  • Seminars, FAQ sessions- Student life in Germany.


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