Energy Healing

The greatest healing comes from within and every person holds the key to their own healing.

You are a powerful creator

Make yourself the vibrational starting point

The Universe doesn’t hear what you are saying. It only feels the vibration of what you are offering. Energy healing is rooted in the truth of a universal life force that flows through all living things. Known by different names in various cultures—prana, chi, or qi—this energy is the foundation of vitality, and disruptions in its flow can lead to dis-ease.

Energy Healing seeks to restore the natural flow of prana, by releasing the stagnant energy and facilitating a state of equilibrium, promoting the 

body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Transform & Empower


100% of participants experienced a deep level of relaxation and vitality.

Results you can expect

Overall Wellbeing 98%
Reduced pain and stress 95%
Improved social connection 95%

Your questions answered

Imprints of stress, trauma, negative thought patterns, or emotional wounds can create disruptions in the energy field leading to imbalances or blockages that manifest as physical, emotional or psychological ailments. Alignment and restoration of energy blocks, will open you to experiencing a renewed sense of vitality, clarity and inner peace.


In the intricate dance of mind, body, and spirit, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being are interconnected. Addressing the root causes of issues at an energetic level, by harnessing and channeling the vital life force ‘PRANA’ restores the natural flow of energy. This helps in experiencing  balance, harmony and well-being on every level of our existence


Each session is for 60 min.

Absolutely. We can connect on zoom. Only prerequisite is that you should be in a quite private place where you are not disturbed and have enough space to either lie down or move around.

Yes I do offer packages, kindly call or write to me for customised package.

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