The deepest connections are developed, by LISTENING to the whole person without judgement

-Joe Noya

Your freedom awaits

Let your true Self be seen

Embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery and empowerment with Samvaad, a Spiritual Counselling Session. In this sacred space, we’ll unravel the intricate threads of your life journey – a journey woven through the chapters of your childhood, the dance of your relationships, the nuanced dynamics of your family, and the evolving tapestry of your career, diving deep into the realms of your energetic vibrations and unlocking the gateway to your full potential. Together, we will navigate the ebbs and flows, understanding the subtle vibrations that have shaped your path. 

By gaining insight into these vibrations, we illuminate the pathways to self-realization, personal growth, and the fulfilment of your deepest aspirations.

Are you ready to tell your story, illuminate your path, connect with your essence, and create a life that resonates with the harmony of your true self?

The first step is yours, and the possibilities are infinite. Let the journey begin.

Healing services

Transform & Empower


100% of participants are able to see self in new light.

Results you can expect

Clarity of thoughts 88%
Less stress & anxiety 92%
connected with self 77%

Your questions answered

Vulnerability is an asset that will help you understand yourself better. Because I come with no preconceived ideas, judgement, projection or opinion on your journey; I can see the truth of your soul beyond your limited beliefs and accumulated imprints. Most people listen with the intent to reply rather than the intent to actually understand. I create and hold safe space for you to opening up and being just you to be heard, seen and acknowledged fully.

Voicing your fears and doubts, insecurities and imperfections will help you in understanding, learning, acknowledging and relinquishing them to gain insight into your true strength. It will empower you to accept and love yourself for who you truly are and meant to be. Part of the healing process is sharing with someone who cares. And I am here for you.

Samvaad can be done as a stand-alone single counselling session or as once a week sharing session on monthly basis.

Each session is for 60 min.

Absolutely. We can connect on zoom. Only prerequisite is that you should
be in a quite private place where you are not disturbed and can talk your heart out.

Yes I do offer packages, kindly call or write to me for customised package.

No, as this is a one on one session and discussions are confidential.

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