60 min | INR 3500

Your freedom awaits.
Let your true Self be seen.

Mentoring & soul alignment

60 min | 4 sessions, once a week
INR 20,000
Elevate your Existence.
Your transformative journey awaits.

Chakra healing

60 min | 8 sessions, once a week
INR 30,000
The Original Blueprint.
Remembering & Reclaiming.

Intuitive reading

Soul journey INR 5555
New moon / Full moon INR 2800
Shamanic journey INR 3500

Dive into the

Meditation + Breathwork

60 min |4 sessions, once a week | INR 4000
8 sessions, twice a week | INR 6400

To experience the magic
Witness the Pause

Sound healing

60 min |INR 3500
Package of 3 INR 9600

The vibrational resonance of wellness
what is your frequency?

Unleash your infinite potential

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