When u remove the I from I am, u merge into the universe and then whatever flows through u is grace.. the universe working through u, wherein ur physical body is just a medium for the universe to let it’s magic work through; into anything and anyone that requires exactly what is needed in a given moment.. love, light, compassion, healing, trigger to transform, and sometimes just the right words to steer the sails into the right direction.

When u remove the I from I am, a deep sense of detachment arises from within.. a detachment that gives birth to a heart, full of selfless passion. Where the outcomes don’t matter anymore, as long as u keep doing what the universe is guiding u to.

When u remove the I from I am, physical intimacy becomes divine coz u making love to the divine.. beyond the physical body, beyond pleasures for oneself but to just give. When every molecule melts into union, into infinity, every time, to be born a new again into a brighter smile, glowing aura, raised frequency and in alignment with the only essence the universe is made of…. LOVE.. the beginning & the end. AM

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