Things r not always how they appear to be. What one sees is a very limited & restricted view of what the eyes take in. And what the eyes take in, is a very individualistic perception of the imprints one carries. To know, understand, feel & experience beyond the physical senses; a new or another story… one has to go beyond the imprints but for that to happen, the existing imprints have to be dissolved first. And dissolving those imprints is a conscious choice. A choice which requires one to let go of what was; to choose what can be. 

I see U… is not just a statement. It’s seeing, doing, feeling, understanding the known as well as the unknown.  

When one understands, integrates the essence of those 3 words… all judgements, assumptions, conclusions fade away.

I see u. And I pray, u too see who u truly r.

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