The journey of life isn’t easy or hard… it’s just simple. Most of us are not comfortable with the word ‘Simple or Simplicity’ and therefore we love to complicate it. We attribute it to more boring, dull, lack of fire or enthusiasm. Thus, we more than often end up complicating stuff for ourselves and love cribbing about it and categorize it as too difficult.

The consequences is what complicates it for us. Rather the assumption of consequences. Let’s say…. Consider the time most of us take in selecting an ice-cream flavour? We ask for a tiny spoonful of this, umm no; maybe that.. and then finally after some three four tastings instead of zeroing on which one to order, we have complicated it more with options rather than simplifying it to one choice. The issue is not that we are unable to choose but just that we are never satisfied with it. If you were hanging at the edge of a cliff, would you be thinking should I let go and fall upside down or downside up? At some moment, you’d just have to let go. You can’t be stuck there forever, irrespective of the consequences. The if’s and but’s of English vocabulary.

The language of the heart doesn’t come with these connectives. It just is. The language of the heart is simple. Do what makes you happy. Period. At the end of it as well as the beginning, all that matters is your own happiness. Unless you happy, nothing around you can be happy. Your outside environment is a mere reflection of how you feel on the inside. And let’s be very clear… No one else can make you happy. Your happiness is your own responsibility.

It’s not dependent on anyone or anything. And if it is; then it’s bound to be temporary. Happiness is a state of being. It’s already inherent within you. You are born happy. It’s just that you have forgotten that birth right. Simplicity is that happiness. Simplicity isn’t boring. It’s actually being truly authentic, true to oneself. It’s about standing in front of the mirror and asking oneself… does this resonate with my heart? That little voice within, which very faintly keeps knocking at the tiny door and most of us choose instead to turn up the external volume around us, than to listen to it. It’s high time we paid heed to that little voice within us and tuned ourselves, into its frequency. A frequency of the Universe called “LOVE” which flows to us and flows through us, in every moment. It’s about time we all came together to broadcast the same message and dance to the same tune ‘ We are the World’. It’s about time you stood up for being who you truly are “ Just U ”.. and not someone else’s  perception of who you should be. If you extremely proud of all those masks you have collected over the years and very systematically stored in your inner closet; think again…. Maybe Now is the time for a through self-cleaning. So that it becomes much more Simpler to Simply Be YOU.

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