Whilst we are in social distancing mode & time seems to have actually slowed down it’s pace.. which the very few who know me would affirm suits me just fine; I miss being out & about at will. The forced pause has given me a chance to review a lot of things from a very different perspective. A water sign that of death & rebirth, I love exploring my emotions to the core; the dark as well as light aspects. Observing these emotions within especially the triggers, help me sit with myself, understand, learn, accept, acknowledge and heal those parts within me that requires attention to move forward. 

Last evening as I sat with myself under the twilight by the window, witnessing the clear black night take over amidst the chirping of the birds & a few sparkling diamonds; I closed my eyes to experience this moment fully. And in that very instant out of nowhere there was a vision. I saw myself lying in a hospital bed typing fervently my last thoughts on Evernote to put out there. And the most poignant thing that I remember in that whole thing was me writing… I wish I had taken more risks… Gone on more adventures. Got out more sooner of my comfort zone to explore and experience what is actually out there and where it takes me. I distinctly remember telling the docs I don’t want to see anyone except for my son and making him promise to live his life, his dreams on his own terms & be love. I didn’t feel sad or scared but just a sense of emptiness.. maybe I should have done things differently. Maybe I should have actually lived. 

The purpose of sharing this is simple. We all have our journey. Most of the time we forget about ourselves and survive a life others expect of us mostly in fear. We don’t realise that our time in this physical body is limited. Our breaths are numbered. Ultimately death is the only certainty. With this global pause maybe it’s time we re-evaluate our life’s. Look at what really makes us happy. What inspires or motivates us. What lights us up each day to be who we truly are. Beautiful ones it’s my appeal to all of you to take this break to really go within and connect with your soul. Explore your gifts to share with the world. Reignite the light you are and illuminate the path for those around by being love, joy & hope. To conclude, everything is energy. And as conscious beings we co-create our own reality, our world with our thoughts. So let’s be mindful and create a New Earth that which radiates with love, peace & everything as one. Let’s begin anew…

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