Triggers are way points which guide us to what requires work within ourselves. People, situations, mindsets, behaviours are all different aspects that we get triggered through. The most common reaction or approach is to avoid triggers. But avoidance only creates more layers to be peeled. 

Making self a priority, starts with commitment towards ones healing. The greater your commitment towards healing to know the true U; the more you can expect to be triggered. To heal we must first feel the very things we running from. Acknowledge them, sit with them & through them. The darkness within us is the very passage through which one emerges into the light. Both lie within & both have to be embraced. 

If you really feel called to know who u truly are, then allow your triggers to surface & lead the way in. It’s only through self-love, compassion, acceptance & grace that these very triggers will eventually reveal who u truly meant to BE. 

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