How much do you know yourself? Besides your likes and dislikes; what are your deepest fears, desires. Are you aware of the internal self-talk, thoughts, behaviour patterns. What triggers you, how you react or respond, how does outside energy effect you. What kind of relationships do you attract, what is your idea of abundance, what gifts do you have to share, what’s your purpose in life, why you here, what is your super power etc. The Why’s, What’s of your life, have you yet discovered.

Getting to know oneself is a lifelong process. A journey that begins with one word.. Curiosity. It is the most fulfilling relationship one can have. Because if you can’t be with yourself, how do you expect others to be with you. An adventure into the unknown; a calling.. to discover aspects and gifts deep within, you weren’t even aware of.

I began this journey of self-discovery more than a decade ago. Through this period of time, I went through many challenges, turmoil’s, difficulties be it physical, mental and emotional. There were many moments when I just gave up. But it was in those experiences of rock bottom, that something beautiful deep within me always revealed itself and gave me the strength to keep going on.

Gradually, a deep sense of acceptance and surrender is what I started feeling within. This glimpse of bliss was like an addiction that pushed me deeper, into knowing more about myself. The more hidden parts within, that I uncovered, a new me kept emerging and the lighter I felt. Healing imprints of my past that were no longer required. Some that belonged to me, some that I had taken on from others unknowingly, by giving my power away and some that came to me inherently from the ancestral lineage. Un-conditioning the mind from what was, to what is and truly tuning into my intuitions to live from my heart space… the journey so far has been truly enriching. An opportunity in every obstacle. Today when I look back and see how far I have walked, I always remind myself to take a moment to appreciate and express gratitude to myself, for following the call of adventure, all the people I met on the way who helped and supported me in various ways and to the universe for choosing me to experience and live it.

Just like I rediscovered wholeness within myself, through guidance and support from the universe and mentors who have walked the path before me at various stages of my journey, I would like to share it forward with you if you feel called.

Are you ready for an adventure?

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