This post by no means is to add to your chaos. But with a hope to simplify it. It doesn’t have to do with any one emotion or instance. Just take it without the why’s & absorb it.

Happiness is a state of BEing.

it’s a moment to moment bliss. 

Happiness which comes through the mind is always associated with something external & has all the rational of if’s & but’s of conditioning. Nothing wrong with that as it’s still happiness and one should enjoy it fully, till it lasts, as anything that’s external is always temporary.

Happiness that’s felt in the heart within, without any reason, without any external factor, is the happiness that emerges from ones soul. It doesn’t relate to the if’s & but’s of conditioning, fears, rational, logic. It just is. 

To know what truly makes you happy; close your eyes and first ask your mind. Listen to the answer that comes through. Then ask your heart & feel the feeling. 

Emotions are energy in motion. Everything that’s in motion is in a state of constant change. If your happiness changes with motions of if’s & but’s then it’s temporary & conditional. When happiness is a fire lit within and doesn’t need to be stoked from anything or anyone on the outside that’s divine bliss, true love. 

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